An Innovative Initiative

We encourage imaginative and innovative thinking through Imageminds from grade 1. It offers diverse learning opportunities in the fields of drawing, model making, animation, photography, videography, fashion and game designing. Students also get exposure to updating themselves by experiencing technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality. These skills are meticulously taught in our ‘Creative’ and ‘Digital’ labs, which are well-structured and fully equipped with iMac devices.

A Whole - School Transformation Programme

‘Leader in Me’ is a holistic leadership and life skills development initiative tailored for students in educational environments. Aligned with our school motto, “Education today, leadership tomorrow,” this program cultivates vital 21st-century skills, nurturing comprehensive student growth. We empower students, parents, teaching and non-teaching staff to embrace this impactful programme. So they blossom into confident individuals to excel in various facets of life.

Interact Club

Interact is Rotary International’s service club for young people ages 14 to 18. Interact clubs are sponsored by individual Rotary clubs, which provide support and guidance, but they are self-governing and self-supporting. At Jain Vidyalaya, the Interact Club represents a powerful blend of dignity and enthusiasm, providing young JVans with a remarkable chance to make a positive difference in their school and community. As members of this esteemed club, students collaborate and cultivate effective leadership skills and personal integrity. By joining the Interact Club, students not only promote unity and empathy among their peers but also embrace the spirit of giving back and making a difference. The club is led by a dedicated team of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Project Heads, and other esteemed office-bearers

Life skills

At JV, we are committed to cultivating well-rounded individuals and life skill activities play a pivotal role in this endeavor. Our activities are interactive, age-appropriate and hands-on, providing practical skills for life. These carefully designed experiences empower students to explore, learn, and confidently navigate their future, ensuring they are well-equipped for the opportunities ahead.

We offer a comprehensive life skills program that encompasses the following activities:

Basic Etiquette
Health & Safety
Environmental Awareness
Law Awareness
Event Management
Communication Skills
House Keeping
Personality Development
Finance Management
Online Safety & Etiquette
Outdoor Survival
Electrical & Plumbing Works
Disaster Management
First Aid
Dining etiquette
Co-curricular Activities
Sports extend beyond physical prowess; they nurture friendships and social skills. Our skilled coaches mentor students, aiding them in refining their talents across various sports. Alongside, our diverse co-curricular activities foster both physical and mental development, guided by dedicated teachers. From martial arts to fine arts, we empower students, enabling them to realize their complete potential.
Physical Arts (PA):
Basket Ball
Lawn Tennis
Table Tennis
Fine Arts (FA):
Jazz Drums


JV offers a rich tapestry of club options that cater to a range of hobbies and pursuits. Clubs serve as catalysts for enriched learning, promoting interactive and experiential experiences that shape students’ perceptions of life. These clubs offer students the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities.

Our clubs includes:

Calligraphy Club
Coding & Robotics Club
Creative Minds Club
Debate & Public Speaking Club
Event Management Club
Health & Fitness Club
Journalism Club
Media Club
Music Club
Nature Club
Quiz Bowl Club
Readers’ Club
Traditional Games Club
Start Up Idea Club
Youth Parliament Club
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